File Reviews

File Reviews

NHC will provide pre-approval for move-ins, review of first year files and review of annual certifications. File reviews include pre-approval of the tenant’s eligibility prior to move-in and during recertification to ensure compliance with IRC 42 and HUD regulations. Reviews may be conducted in-house via electronic transmission or paper copies, or on site at the preference of the customer. Each review entails a thorough analysis of the completed application, third-party verifications, student status, accuracy and completeness of Tenant Income Certification (TIC)/50059 and the lease. NHC staff also review property management adherence to specific program requirements such as set aside percentages, move-in dates as determined by the Certificate of Occupancy (CO), Utility Allowance implementation, maximum rent, income limits, and specific state agency requirements.

A detailed report is issued for each property, broken down by units reviewed, which includes NHC approval rating for each file reviewed as well as recommended best practices for future processing of tenant files.

First Year & Annual Compliance Reviews

NHC will conduct a complete file review of first year files and annual recertifications to ensure compliance with IRC 42 and HUD Regulations. In addition to reviewing all tenant files, NHC will also ensure all compliance documents are analyzed to ensure the owner is complying with all requirements contained within IRC 42 and HUD regulations.

Zeffert & Associates

Our friends at Zeffert & Associates provide in house or on-site file reviews to ensure compliance with Low Income Housing Tax Credit, HOME and HUD Regulations.  For further information, please visit


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