Customized Asset Management Reviews

NHC staff conducts customized asset management reviews as requested from owners or management companies. These reviews entail a comprehensive review of the property operations, to include a limited scope review of tenant files, management policies and procedures, and a summary of the physical condition of the property. Each review will be tailored to the needs of the customer. At the conclusion of the review, a final assessment report for the property will be issued that includes recommended corrective actions and best practices. Generally, an Asset Management Review will be comprised of the following evaluation categories:

  • 20% Tenant File Reviews, including
    • 10-20% of occupied units, depending on size of property
    • 10-20% of vacant units, depending on size of property
  • Summary of Maintenance and Security Procedures
  • Summary of Leasing and Occupancy Procedures
  • Summary of Tenant Management Relations
  • Summary of General Management Practices