General Voucher Processing Guidelines

The following is intended to provide helpful information with regard to processing the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) vouchers (HUD-52670 and HUD-52670A), and sending the appropriate TRACS files to NHC each month.  Our number one priority is to ensure that you receive the appropriate HAP payment for each resident. We want you to be successful every month and will work with you to achieve that goal!

Submit the HAP Voucher and TRACS files (if necessary) to NHC preferably on or around the 1st of each month, but no later than the 10th of each month to ensure timely processing and recommendation of payment of your HAP voucher.

Do not send or email your HAP submission or any printed 50059’s, unless they have been specifically requested by an NHC voucher financial specialist. If a printed 50059 has been requested, make sure it has the appropriate signatures and has been redacted (SSN & DOB).

To prepare your voucher,

  • Print out a summary report indicating what is included in the TRACS file(s) that were created, but not yet sent to NHC. Once the report is printed out, compare the information to the changes shown on your HAP voucher. When the summary report indicates that all the changes are contained in the TRACS file(s), send the TRACS file(s) to NHC.
  • Be sure to include any applicable move-outs, terminations, unit transfers, gross rent changes, unit address records, annuals, interims and initials in your TRACS files, and that the reported dates for these MAT records match your voucher date.
  • Review each adjustment on your HAP voucher to ensure that the time period for each adjustment and the amount of each adjustment is correct.
  • Make sure that the total number of units on the HAP voucher (see Part II, 6a, HUD Form 52670) matches the number of units allocated and approved under the Section 8 contract.
  • Remember, TRACS expects that the total number of units in the contract (Part II, 6a) equals the number of units receiving subsidy (6b), plus the number of units abated under this contract (6c), plus the number of units vacant under this contract (6d), plus the number occupied by market rent tenants (6e).
  • If a retroactive Gross Rent Change is done, be sure to include, in the TRACS file, corrections to certifications that were already reported and have effective dates after the effective date of the Gross Rent Change.
  • Move-ins, move-outs, and unit transfers should be processed and reported on a HAP voucher once they have actually happened, not ahead of time. For AR’s, & IR’s with future effective dates, please don’t send them until they are reported on the appropriate HAP voucher.
  • When submitting Special Claims on a HAP ensure you have used the 14 digit approval number indicated on the HUD 52671-C or HUD 52671-A.

For more additional help, please see our Voucher Processing Reminders and Helpful Hints Checklist.