Procedures in the Event of Severe Weather – Property Damage and/or Resident Displacement

This information provided on this page will make post-recovery efforts go more smoothly if a severe weather event occurs that impacts your property and/or your residents. You can also visit HUD’s Multifamily Housing Guidance for Disaster Recovery website for additional information: HUD encourages you to review this website before an event occurs.

Following an event that impacts residents and/or properties, HUD has reporting obligations based on information their staff obtains from Owners and Management Agents of HUD insured and/or assisted properties. Owners and Management Agents are obligated to always immediately report physical damage to a property interior or exterior that has resulted from a fire, flood, wind, severe cold, or other natural disaster or weather event. It is most convenient for all parties if Owners and Agents proactively report to HUD. Owners are encouraged to complete and forward damage assessments forms to HUD. Please use the form applicable to your situation:

Please forward the appropriate Assessment Form within 24 hours of the damage occurrence. Either form should be legibly handwritten or typewritten and emailed to: for properties assigned to an Account Executive reporting to the Atlanta Regional Office. for properties assigned to an Account Executive reporting to the Jacksonville Satellite Office.

To find your assigned Account Executive:

Updated reports should be submitted as additional information becomes available concerning resident displacement or regarding the level/amount of damage sustained. While the Department is not a payee on an insurance loss draft for a property with an insured mortgage, HUD must still be notified of the event and any damage sustained to the property.

Please note that a report of “no damage/impact” is needed as well, this will allow for a more efficient use of staff resources for outreach to owners/agents where no assessment information has been received. 

For all properties located in the state of an affected storm area, HUD request weekly vacancy data. The vacancy updates can be sent per property or per management agent/owner portfolio, to or based upon the servicing office. It would be beneficial for the information to be submitted in table or Excel format including the following:


Owners should not evict tenants from their unit in order to make hurricane related repairs. The Department encourages you to revisit the instructions provided in Chapter 38 of Handbook 4350.1 for related Emergency/Disaster Guidance.


Owners/agents are responsible for:

  • Developing a pre-disaster checklist that is shared with tenants;
  • Developing an emergency relocation plan to relocate residents prior to the storm, especially at Section 202 Elderly and Section 811 Disabled residents properties;
  • Ensuring that the property and property records are secured. And residents’ possessions and valuables are secured and protected to the greatest extent possible;
  • Contacting the local HUD office immediately following a disaster;
  • Providing a status report of the residents and property conditions;
  • Ensuring that residents provide EMERGENCY contact numbers, especially if they become displaced from the property;
  • Determining the extent of damage, security needs, resident property protection needs, etc.
  • Contacting the property’s insurance provider to apply for property and business interruption claims;
  • Maintaining inventory of all residents, property, phone numbers, mailing address, and emails;
  • Determining which residents have been displaced due to unit damage or a failure of a major building system such as the electrical system, etc.; and
  • Tracking each displaced resident’s temporary location and maintain contact information for each displaced resident, particularly if the property will likely have units off-line for more than 30 days.
  • Contacting FEMA for on-going guidance and instructing residents to register with FEMA through
    1-800-621-FEMA (3362), or
  • Applying for assistance with FEMA, Small Business Administration, Housing Finance Agency and others;

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