Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD)

RAD Experience & Services

Formed in partnership, National Housing Compliance (NHC) and the Macon Housing Authority (MHA) are recognized as top performers in their respective program areas: Project Based Section 8 Rental Assistance and Public Housing. This collective and complementary experience results in proven expertise in every aspect of the RAD Program conversion from the initial application through the day-to-day operations.

Since the inception of the program, we have provided RAD Program Transition training and consulting services to over 30 Public Housing Agencies, as well as created Section 8 policies and procedures for PHA’s transitioning to multifamily PBRA Section 8 assistance. Our training and services focus on:

  • Programs Matrix Comparison
  • Tenant Selection Plan
  • EIV Security & Use Policies
  • Grievance Procedures
  • HUD’s Multifamily Online Systems
  • RAD Phase-In Rents
  • 50059 Processing

About Macon Housing Authority

MHA is one of the first public housing authorities in the country to be awarded a Commitment to Enter into a Housing Assistance Payments (CHAP) under the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) Program and has successfully converted a total of 307 units into the RAD Program with 729 additional units in the pipeline.

In 2013 MHA converted three public housing properties to the Rental Assistance Demonstration model. This represented the second and third RAD closings in the country. In addition, McAfee Towers, Inc. and Felton Partners, LP, are the first and second operating RAD properties in the country. MHA retained ownership and continues to manage all of the properties.

Prior to the conversion, MHA developed a RAD Conversion Model which covers all aspects of the process from RAD Application, to closing, to program implementation. This model takes an organized team approach and involves representatives from all departments that will be affected by the conversion and ensures a seamless and efficient transition between programs.

National Housing Compliance

NHC was created by 10 Georgia Public Housing Authorities and the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, which together, govern its operations.  Each Board Member brings a vast history of expertise and demonstrated success managing public housing operations.