Kelli Sterling

Senior Quality Assurance Compliance Manager
Inaugural Inductee – National Housing Compliance University for Succession

Kelli Sterling has held progressively responsible roles in the affordable housing industry since 2005, when she joined NHC as an Administrative Support Specialist. On her journey, she gained significant leadership experience in quality assurance and compliance, and a reputation that has afforded her opportunities to speak at industry events such as the Southeastern Affordable Housing Management Association (SAHMA).

In her current role, Kelli ensures the success of the NHC’s Quality Assurance program. She has a proven record of accomplishment in providing exceptional training, taking charge of annual audits, and improving outcomes by optimizing processes and designing control systems. Analytical by nature, Kelli empowers the organization with data-driven, actionable insights and key performance indicators that leads to process and cost improvements.

Kelli holds an MBA in Project Management from Herzing University-Madison, and a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration and Management from Herzing University-Atlanta. Kelli’s certifications include: Advanced Certified Occupancy Specialist (COSA); Enterprise Income Verification Specialist (EVIS); Fair Housing Compliance (FHC), Management and Occupancy Review Specialist (MORS); and Home Compliance Specialist (HCS).

Kelli may be reached at