Residents, Owners, and Agents Rights for REAC Inspections During the Pandemic

In response to inquiries Multifamily Housing has received regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and REAC inspections, the following outlines the rights and obligations of residents, owners, and agents when a REAC inspection is scheduled at your property. Read more about it here.

Residents have the right to decline to have their unit inspected as part of a REAC inspection if they are not comfortable with the REAC inspector entering their home. In this case, an alternative unit will be selected for inspection.

REAC Q&A on Inspections and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Additionally, HUD is providing clarification on some frequently asked questions regarding how to inform HUD of COVID-19 cases at properties, how to request a deferral, and what criteria HUD uses in determining whether to grant a deferral.