HUD Proposes New Rule Regarding the HOME Program

In the upcoming weeks, HUD plans to introduce a proposed rule aimed at enhancing the accessibility and usability of the HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME program), which is the largest annual block grant in the nation supporting housing supply. HUD’s proposed enhancements are designed to simplify the process for individuals and families seeking rental or homeownership opportunities and for homeowners undertaking improvements like accessibility enhancements, roof replacements, and upgrades to energy-efficient utilities. These proposals also aim to streamline requirements for grant recipients managing funding, community development organizations constructing new homes, and property owners renting to households supported by HUD. Additionally, the proposed rule includes updates on property standards, small-scale rental housing projects, community land trusts, homebuyer resale, allowable rents for units receiving rental assistance, and tenant protections.

Read the press release: FACT SHEET: Biden-Harris Administration Announces New Actions to Boost Housing Supply and Lower Housing Costs | The White House

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